Recent Papers

  1. Y. Bae, D.-K. Kim, and H. Jeong, "Attaining entropy production and dissipation maps from Brownian movies via neural networks" (submitted) [arXiv:2106.15108]
  2. S. Ha, and H. Jeong, "Discovering conservation laws from trajectories via machine learning" (submitted) [arXiv:2102.04008]
  3. M.J. Lee, E. Lee, B. Lee, H. Jeong, D.-S. Lee, and S.H. Lee, "Uncovering Hidden Dependency in Weighted Networks via Information Entropy", (submitted) [arXiv:2008.11047]
  4. S. Ha, and H. Jeong, "Deep Learning reveals hidden interactions in complex systems", Sci. Rep. (accepted) [arXiv:2001.02539]
  5. H. Kim, H.-H. Jo, and H. Jeong, "Impact of environmental changes on the dynamics of temporal networks" PLoS ONE 16(4): e0250612 (2021) [LINK][arXiv:2001.02847]