Recent Papers

  1. Y. Baek, K. Chung, M. Ha, H. Jeong and D. Kim, "Role of hubs in the synergistic spread of behavior" Phys. Rev. E (Rapid Comm.) [accepted]
  2. J. Yun, S. H. Lee and H. Jeong "Early onset of structural inequality in the formation of collaborative knowledge in all Wikimedia projects" Nature Human Behaviour 3 155 (2019) [Paper, Nature_Blog][IssueCover]
  3. B. Lee, D. Kim, S. Sun, H. Jeong and J. Park, "Heterogeneity in chromatic distance in images and characterization of massive painting data set", PLoS ONE 13 e0204430 (2018) [LINK]
  4. H.W. Kim, M. Ha and H. Jeong, "Dynamic topologies of activity-driven temporal networks with memory", Phys. Rev. E 97 062148 (2018) [LINK]
  5. M.K. Seo, I.-S.Shin, S.K. Han, B. Lee, and H. Jeong "Information-theoretic analysis of color interaction in artistic paintings" Sae Mulli 68 693 (2018) [PDF]